Ready-Made Marketing Plan
for ICO projects

We have collected the most important marketing elements for successfully promoting an ICO.
Download a ready-made action set.
What you get
We've included all the information you need to advertise your ICO in a single set
List of channels and platforms
All advertising channels compiled into a single Excel spreadsheet:
  • Listings and trackers (200+)
  • Telegram channels (85+)
  • Advertising systems and CPA networks (15+)
  • YouTubers (50+)
  • Blockchain media and topic-based portals (90+)
  • Email newsletters (40+)
  • Forums (15+)
  • Applications and other platform (20+)
Listed for all platforms: contact info, cost, coverage/traffic, conditions for advertising/adding materials

300 $
Marketing plan
Three marketing plans from all channels for the following amounts: USD $30K, $50K, $100K, $300K, and $500K. The plans take into account the effectiveness of the channels, the specific comprehensive offers from the platforms, and experience running advertising campaigns. The plan shows you when to prepare certain materials, when to arrange posting, when you need money, and how much you're going to need.

It's essentially a to-do list for advertising ICO projects.

300 $

Take a look at the limited demo version so you can make an informed purchasing decision.
Package cost
The cost applies from time of payment until the end of September
— List of advertising channels and platforms (400+)
— ICO marketing plan (for 5 amounts)
— Free updates (we update plan every two months)
490 $
600 $
Payment Methods
Cryptocurrencies (BTC/ETH)
Webmoney (USD, EUR, RUB)
PayPal (USD)
Why do I need this plan and strategy?
And why is it worth buying?
Collected experience
The marketing plan takes into account the effectiveness of channels and platforms based on our own experience.
Everything in one place
A full set of all the information you need to advertise an ICO: general recommendations, an advertising strategy, and a detailed marketing plan.
The data is constantly being updated - the plan is completely reworked every two months, with new channels, platforms, and recommendations being added.
You can get a similar set from an agency, but only along with a full range of services that will cost tens of thousands of dollars.
Our recommendations are based on expertise gained little-by-little from international blockchain events, publications, and off-the-record conversations. This information is not available to the public.
It would take at least two months to assemble the same database of platforms, channels, prices, and contact info, but you'll get it in just two clicks.
Over 50 projects
All of the information has been gathered from "front line" experience advertising dozens of ICO projects. Every website, Telegram channel, and YouTuber has been checked and added only after careful consideration.
Collected $ 5 000 000
Collected $ 5 000 000
Collected $ 8 000 000
Collected 15 539 ETH
Collected $ 1 630 768
Collected 5 037 ETH
Collected $ 27 525 000
Collected $ 28 610 352
Collected $ 20 539 923
Collected $ 5 500 000
Collected $ 30 000 000
Collected 10 757 ETH
Our partners
Advertising platforms and systems that we can recommend with confidence.
You have a specific questions? Here are founders of the project, you can send them directly.
Ruslan Nurtdinov
Co-founder at ICO plan
Executive Director at Partmedia agency
CMO at COMO capital
ICO Advisor
Artemiy Egorov
Co-founder at ICO plan
Marketing Director and Co-founder at Partmedia agency
ICO Advisor
Ask questions
If you have any questions about advertising your ICO, feel free to write to us. We'll answer any questions you might have.

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